The Save Elevado Road (SER) proposal starts by focusing on the immediate problem that every property Owner shares – repairing Elevado Road, specifically the portion of Elevado that runs from Vista Grande as far as Flametree.  Every resident uses some portion of this road, and every property Owner is responsible for some share of its expense.

The side roads can also be included, but that is up to the property Owners who use the side roads to access their property.  By “side roads” this also includes the last 1/8th of a mile of Elevado, which, like the other side roads, will be the exclusive responsibility of the property Owners who use that portion of Elevado for access.

In fact, property owners are encouraged to participate in side road maintenance by funding and adding their road to the project, which will ensure the most economical price per square foot of performance by the winning bidder.  By addressing Elevado Road, residents are offered a rare opportunity to include the side roads at the lowest possible cost.


The Estimated Cost, Statement of Work & Contract Process

The entire Elevado Road community is extremely fortunate and grateful to Bernie Hentges for all of his work over the last 35+ years in donating his time and materials to spot repair our roads.  He is personally familiar with the road conditions and repair requirements along the entire network.   Together with Greg Quiring, another resident who is highly experienced in major civic construction, Bernie has personally surveyed and chalked out all the sections that need replacement.  The size of the various sections and level of recommended repair are set forth in the Elevado Statement Of Work Vista Grande To Flametree.

Working closely with a qualified contractor, Greg Quiring has estimated the project cost for the repairs described in the Statement of Work at $150,000, to be divided fairly among all property Owners, as outlined below (Allocation of Costs section).  This amount includes a cushion for unforeseen overruns, although it is hoped that the price can actually be reduced through aggressive negotiation.   If the project is enlarged with the addition of any side roads, that will further improve the economy of scale and commensurate cost.

Once adequate funds are raised, the Statement of Work will then be formally put out to bid, with Greg and Bernie taking on the role of lead negotiators.  The intention is to solicit bids from no less than three qualified contractors.  Once the winning bid is determined,  final details will be announced to all property Owners.  Work will commence as soon as commercially possible.

Allocation of Costs

The goal is to apply an equitable methodology for apportioning the costs by eliminating the past objections over fairness.  Again, thanks to Greg Quiring, the distance from Vista Grande to each individual driveway and side road on Elevado was carefully plotted, and double checked by auditing selected distances with a surveyor’s wheel.  While such a calculation, given the winding nature of the road and the complexity of addresses involved, can never be perfect, we believe it is fair and reasonably accurate.

The results are listed on the accompanying Address Table / Elevado Cost Allocation List.  For ease of reference each of the addresses located on one of the side roads is highlighted.  The Table includes each residence address as well as the remaining undeveloped lots on Panoramic.  Contact will be attempted with all remaining 20 undeveloped lot owners for contributions, but given the uncertainty of collection, those lots are not included in the base calculation.

For each address, calculations are based on the distance from Elevado to that address, or in the case of residents on the side roads, to the location where their side road joins Elevado.  Each individual distance is then divided by the total distance of all lots taken together.  This division is then presented as a percentage of responsibility, and applied to the budgeted project cost ($150,000).  The final column is the result, the amount of each Owners’ fair share of the cost based on the individual distance of Elevado Road used by that property.

The 33 undeveloped lots in Panoramic Estates are included in the calculation but, given the minimal traffic to those sites, their share is reduced by 50%.  We believe this reduction is warranted by the limited use of Elevado Road by undeveloped parcels until they are fully developed and ready for occupancy.

There is no doubt that a determined critic can find fault with this methodology.  No solution is perfect.  A purely distance based approach ignores many of the substantive differences among property Owners, such as those with commercial business, more than the average vehicle trips per day, or the type of vehicles they use.  Arguments about past use by project developers over fifteen years ago only lead to finger pointing and legal stalemates. With 181 residential properties, the proposed methodology is the best solution that can be achieved within a reasonable cost and time.

One final comment: the foregoing solution assumes voluntary cooperation by each of the property Owners.  This solution does not limit or prejudice any property Owner who chooses to exercise their right under the law to compel contributions from non-cooperating Owners.  It would be inequitable, to say the least, for any property Owner to refuse to cooperate voluntarily, only to claim later in a legal proceeding that their liability is limited by the amounts voluntarily contributed by their neighbors. If such a case becomes necessary, it is reasonable to predict the actual liability will be greater than the voluntary contribution proposed in the Table.   At some point during the collection process a list of all cooperating – and non-cooperating – property Owners will be published to this site.


Terms And Conditions For The Deposit Account – Payment Instructions

The Save Elevado Road project is fortunate to have three residents, including Bill Birnie the CEO of Pacific Marine Credit Union, assume responsibility as custodians for the deposit account without compensation.  Greg Quiring and Greg Pizza have agreed to be joint signatories as well.

PLEASE READ the terms and conditions for making your deposits! There are many important details covered in this document, including how long the funds can be held, how they are disbursed, conditions for refunding them, and nonpayment of interest.

Payment instructions can be found at the bottom of the Terms And Conditions For Deposit Account on the Library page.

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