29945 Spearhead Trail

During the summer of 2016 while searching for a new home in North San Diego County, I discovered 29945 Spearhead Trail in Valley Center. From the MLS listing it appeared to be a perfect fit and met all of my search criteria. It was a 3 bedroom, 4 bathroom, 3,000 sq ft single level Mediterranean style home built in 1994 with a 3 car garage on 11.5 acres of land. The property had a beautiful view of the surrounding hills and although it felt very private, the I-15 Gopher Canyon Road on-ramp was only 4 miles away, which would be perfect for my daily commute to and from work.

Spearhead Trail

Beautiful View

Spearhead Trail 2

Mediterranean Style

Spearhead Trail 5


Spearhead Trail 1

11.5 acres

The Road Home

At that time the property had been on the market for almost 9 months and over that period the asking price had been reduced from $759,000 to $709,000. Given the size of the house and lot, the original asking price seemed competitive, especially since it had last sold for $1.2M in 2005. When I went to see the house in person my questions about why it was still on the market were quickly answered and it had nothing to do with the house itself. After gingerly navigating 1.1 miles of broken pavement on the shared private road known as Spearhead Trail, I knew this was not the house for me. If I found it difficult to negotiate the numerous potholes and washed out sections of pavement in my 4x4 truck, how could I expect my wife's sedan to survive daily trips on the same road?

Spearhead IMG_20170728_141819242

Terrible Roads

Spearhead IMG_20170728_141933429

Maintenance needed

Spearhead IMG_20170728_142039363

Home value impacted

The Outcome

Several weeks later I discovered and purchased our current home here in the Elevado Road community. It has many similarities to 29945 Spearhead Trail; Large lot, beautiful view, easy access to I-15, but unlike Spearhead Trail it does not require us to traverse sub-standard and dangerous roadways on a daily basis. I have since learned that after being actively listed for 11 months the house on Spearhead Trail eventually did sell in October, 2016 for $660,000, almost $100,000 less than the original asking price one year prior. Although there could be multiple reasons that are unbeknownst to me as to why such a beautiful home was so difficult to sell, I believe the poor road condition contributed significantly. It was enough to deter me as a potential buyer, and I'm sure it deterred others as well. It is my hope that we do not suffer the same fate as Spearhead Trail, and that our community can work together to collectively protect our home values and save Elevado Road.


Homeowner on Via Subria

Next Steps...

Help ensure Elevado Road does not go the way of Spearhead Trail!