Striping + Summer 2019 Update

After 30 years of neglect we successfully raised funding to "Save Elevado Road" from irreparable disintegration.  Almost 100 sections of pavement completely replaced, berm repairs where needed, and a fresh surface of asphalt slurry from Vista Grande to Flametree, have given Elevado a new lease on life! The Association's construction and finance subcommittees have approved awarding a contract for striping the center line of Elevado for traffic safety. A schedule will be announced shortly. Read the full summer update here. 

Road Maintenance Program

Having narrowly avoided a community crisis, now is the time to plan ahead. Our Road can last another 30 years IF we implement periodic maintenance. Waiting will have two negative consequences:  not only does the cost of maintenance go up, but the useful life of the road - even with "catch-up" maintenance - will quickly go down.

The "Save Elevado Road" team has been actively studying maintenance options. For the first time in our community history we are all invested in Elevado Road. The time to make this commitment is now!

In addition, it's time to formalize our organization with the help of a professional property manager to take responsibility from the hard-working community volunteers who have brought us this far. A professional property manager can serve multiple maintenance functions, including acting as a point of contact for all inquiries and complaints, inspecting the road on a regular basis, interacting with utilities, developers and other contractors who are liable for repairing their own work, and the routine tasks of billing and collecting.

A spreadsheet has been developed to show the cost per property to implement a Road Maintenance Program.  We believe this fee will cover all costs of maintenance and administration for Elevado for the foreseeable future. View the Address Table / Elevado Cost Allocation List.

Next Steps 



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